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With collective field experience of over 20 years in the rave, industrial and related music scenes, veteran DJ/producer Mike Weir (codename “Mindbender”) and vocalist/producer Alex King (codename “Kill The Alex”) joined forces in just 2010 to form the BLAKOPZ unit. They have served as tour support for AESTHETIC PERFECTION’s “All.Cities.Destroyed” 26-date North American tour over the summer of 2012, opened for SUICIDE COMMANDO, ICON OF COIL, :SITD:, FGFC820 and TACTICAL SEKT in the US, and made their first European live appearance at the 2013 Resistanz Festival in the UK.

Slick and powerful, the follow-up “As Nations Decay” takes the band’s already pristine production to a new level, while moving their music in new and intriguing directions – such as on “#culturedelete” or the almost ballad-like “Before The Rust” and title track. Fans of the sound of “Blood Sweat And Fear” will hardly be disappointed either, with the inclusion of classic BLAKOPZ cuts like “Behind The Curtain” and “The Beginning”, the jackhammer instrumental “Turn Key Tyranny” or jokingly titled “Business As Usual”…

Having collaborated on tracks previously with both FGFC820 and C-LEKKTOR, “As Nations Decay” features 2 fresh collaborations – this time co-written and performed with Russian dark electro outfit SLEETGROUT and Montreal’s NITRO/NOISE. The CD version is rounded out by 3 bonus tracks – remixes from the maverick ALTER DER RUINE, CRYOGENIC ECHELON and 2012 touring partners AESTHETIC PERFECTION.



BlakOPZ – Behind the Curtain – DWD353 – BUY DIGITAL
01.Behind The Curtain 02. Behind The Curtain (SERAPHIM SYSTEM Remix) 03. Behind The Curtain (NOISUF-X Remix) 04. Behind The Curtain (Burn Mix)


BlakOPZ – As Nations Decay – DWA289/DWD290 – BUY CDBUY DIGITAL
01. As Nations Decay 02. The Beginning 03. Long Live The New Flesh 04. Business As Usual 05. Behind The Curtain 06. The Struggle (Vs Sleetgrout) 07. #Culturedelete 08. Before The Rust 09. Thick As Thieves 10. Debris Machine (Vs Nitro/Noise) 11. Turn Key Tyranny 12. Detonation 13. Before The Rust (Cryogenic Echelon Remix)* 14. As Nations Decay (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)* 15. Thick As Thieves (Alter Der Ruine Remix)* *CD only


BlakOPZ – Blood, Sweat and Fear – DWA212/DWD213 – SOLD OUT – BUY DIGITAL
01. The Assignment 02. Brainwashed 03. Hunted 04. Pretty Lies 05. Who Drugged Me? (Feat. Mighty Mike Saga) 06. Domino (One By One) 07. It’s Not Human V2.0 08. Blakout 09. United (Feat. Rexx Arkana Of FGFC820) 10. Hell Inside 11. March Of The Unknown 12. Injustice For All 13. Brainwashed (Studio-X Remix)* 14. BlakOUt (Die Sektor Remix)* 15. Injustice For All (Terrorkode Remix)* *CD only