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After two towering releases on NoiTekk and a slew of outstanding and outlandish remixes for DWA, innovative Canadian electronic act DYM finally signed directly to DWA to unleash second full-length album “The Technocratic Deception” at the end of 2012 – a recorde which proved once again that the only agenda DYM adheres to is its own, making industrial sounds that truly stand out from the crowd.

“The Technocratic Deception” is deceptively immediate yet richly rewarding on repeated playback…as the listener uncovers between the club-friendly cuts layer upon layer of intriguing production, track after track of seemingly infinite variety.

2014 saw a vinyl concept EP emerge on 12″ – fusing a new club mix of stand-out track “NWO” from “The Technocratic Deception” with outtakes from the album on one side of the black or marbled white vinyl, plus 3 completely new tracks on the flipside.
In 2015, further new tracks emerged on the latest “Endzeit Bunkertracks” and “Face The Beat” compilations – as DYM continues work on a 3rd studio album…



DYM – NWO – DWV324/DWD325 – BUY VINYL (Black or Marbled White) –  BUY DIGITAL
A1. NWO (Club Mix) A2. NMCHNGR* A3. UFO* B1. White Light B2. Resonance B3. Devour
* exclusive to vinyl edition


DYM – The Technocratic Exception – DWD323 – BUY DIGITAL
01. The End (Ashes Rising Remix by [PRODUCT]) 02. Let Your Blood Run Dry (GRENDEL Remix) 03. NWO (PANIC LIFT Remix) 04. Rapture (iVARDENSPHERE Remix) 05. Tumor (SIRUS Remix) 06. Slave (AKTIVEHATE Remix) 07. Techno Decepto (VPROJEKT Version) 08. What If (SOMAN Remix) 09. Bit Conspiracy (DIE SEKTOR Remix) 10. Glass Catfish (Trapped by RUINIZER)


DYM – The Technocratic Deception – DWA225/DWD226 – BUY CDBUY DIGITAL
01. The End 02. Let Your Blood Run Dry 03. N.W.O. 04. Bring Me Down (feat. It Clings) 05. Rapture 06. Tumor – Type 2 07. Slave 08. Techno Decepto 09. What If (feat. Chiasm) 10. Bit Conspiracy 11. Glass Catfish 12. Let Your Blood Run Dry (Grendel Remix)* 13. Rapture (iVardensphere Remix)* 14. Techno Decepto (vProjekt Version)* 15. What If (Soman Remix)* 16. Swarm (Ma-Si-Osare Remix)* *CD only


DYM – The Swarm – DWA142 – DELETED
01. Abbra Cadaver 02. For Katherine 03. Right To Fail 04. W.M.D. 05. Lude 06. Swarm (Extended Mix)* 07. Bender (Sincere Trade Remix) 08. EBGM (PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Remix) 09. NeuWorldBrave (Not Found Remix) 10. Autonomy Of The Will (Die Sektor Remix) 11. Life Sized (CompUterus Remix) 12. Touch (C-Lekktor Remix) 13. Martha Monoxide (DYM Remix) 14. Government Stomp! (Encephalon Remix) 15. The Invilid (Amduscia Remix) 16. Sin Phony (Fractured Remix) *Japan-only exclusive mix