DYM – NWO EP / The Technocratic Exception

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From one freshly-smashed system springs another New World Order…

As suggested by the recent inclusion of the previously-unreleased track “White Light” on this summer’s special DWA compilation given away with Orkus! Magazine, we have for a while now been getting ready to serve you up something very special from Canadian duoDYM: a multiple-release, in fact.



While we wait for a full-length follow-up to the acclaimed album “The Technocratic Deception”, for the next installment in our ever-increasing line of collector’s edition vinyl we are proud to present DYM’s first ever foray into this format – a 6-track, 30-minute EP sandwiching on one side “White Light” and 2 other brand new tracks, and on the other a completely new club mix of “NWO” from “The Technocratic Deception” plus (exclusively to this vinyl version) 2 previously unreleased outtakes which were originally written and recorded for that album.


This “NWO EP” is strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies in total – x50 in black vinyl and x50 in marbled white vinyl. The 12” comes housed in a matching sleeve printed both sides in white and grey ink on black cardstock, and includes the following extras:

– exclusive 12cm circular monochrome vinyl sticker

– fold-out double-sided poster-insert (12” x 20”)

– exclusive numbered download card for all 6 tracks plus the full 10-track remix album “The Technocratic Exception” being released today



With the solitary exception of the song “Bring Me Down”, “The Technocratic Exception” is a full track-by-track “mirror” of the acclaimed album “The Technocratic Deception” – which was originally released at the end of 2012 in 2 different editions on DWA and in North America on Vendetta Music. Every track appears in the same order, each twisted into a dramatically different direction by a different remixer.

“The Technocratic Exception” gives a first ever fully-international digital release for bonus tracks from the DWA CD version of the original album by GRENDEL, SOMAN,iVARDENSPHERE and vPROJEKT (these tracks were previously regionally-restricted), plus the DIE SEKTOR remix of “Bit Conspiracy” released on the “Digital World Agenda” CD, plus 5 new and previously unreleased remixes by SURGYN’s recent US touring buddiesPANIC LIFT, DWA’s own RUINIZER and SIRUS, plus [PRODUCT] and AKTIVEHATE.


The digital versions of both the “NWO EP” and “The Technocratic Exception” debut from TODAY!


The limited edition vinyl version of the NWO EP will be released worldwide on February 10th, with pre-orders shipping out mid-January.

DYM will sign the poster-inserts of all pre-orders!

You want to be “Number 1”? Then accelerate on over to pre-order NWO NOW – because this hand-numbered edition will ship STRICTLY on a “first come first served” basis. In other words, the first people to order will get “001”, “002” etc. OR if you have a favourite or lucky number between 1-100 you can include a note with your order requesting that specific number…which we will then confirm if available or not. Can’t decide whether to get “Black” or “Marbled White”? WHY NOT BUY BOTH? :-)

Be part of the New World Order – or at least part of the new Digital World Audio – this winter! Well, OK – summer for you Aussies…




(you can select black or marbled white version!)




DWV324 NWO EP 12”


A1. NWO (Club Mix) 05:43

A2. NMCHNGR* 04:38

A3. UFO* 05:28

(yeah – we call this A-side “The CPSLCK-Side”…)

B1. White Light 04:00

B2. Resonance 05:12

B3. Devour 05:41

*exclusive to this vinyl version




01. NWO (Club Mix) 05:43

02. White Light 04:00

03. Resonance 05:12

04. Devour 05:41


DWD323 The Technocratic Exception

(stream and/or buy it here: http://dwa-digital.com/album/the-technocratic-exception-2)


01. The End (Ashes Rising Remix by [PRODUCT]) 03:27

02. Let Your Blood Run Dry (GRENDEL Remix) 04:28

03. NWO (PANIC LIFT Remix) 03:40

04. Rapture (iVARDENSPHERE Remix) 04:42

05. Tumor (SIRUS Remix) 04:24

06. Slave (AKTIVEHATE Remix) 05:38

07. Techno Decepto (VPROJEKT Version) 06:31

08. What If (SOMAN Remix) 05:58

09. Bit Conspiracy (DIE SEKTOR Remix) 04:42

10. Glass Catfish (Trapped by RUINIZER) 03:58