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Melbourne-based SIRUS is the cyberpunk brainchild of vocalist and producer Josh Rombout, ably assisted live by keyboard player Andrew Waugh, drummer Ryan and female vocalist Danielle. Established in 2008, SIRUS self-released the album “Falling Through Dystopia” and later a free-download EP “Venomous Frequencies” (2011) while playing countless shows in their native Australia opening for the likes of COMBICHRIST, HOCICO, GRENDEL, AESTHETIC PERFECTION and GOD MODULE.

The album “Broken Hearts Corporate Minds” released by DWA at the tail-end of 2013 was SIRUS official label debut – an array of influences from dark musical subgenres fused into one industrial-strength album mastered by Kolja Trelle/SOMAN. Featuring instant club classics like “No Mercy” or “The Monster I Am” the album is also distinctive in its epic track lengths – averaging around 6 minutes each, “Broken Hearts Corporate Minds” weighs in at well over an hour of lush sounds, powerful programmed beats and innovative dark electronics.

Again, DWA had discovered a “newcomer” act that in terms of production-quality and musical innovation simply blows out of the water most material being released by far more established acts – and a band that unlike so many really does perform live, which indeed prides itself on transforming its tracks via hardware manipulation so that no 2 shows are ever the same…

2015 found SIRUS on the other side of the world, opening the third and final day of the UK’s Resistanz Festival – an appearance which ignited the crowd and prompted an immediate sellout of all SIRUS CDs and merchandise as soon as they left the stage.

Already immeasurably talented beyond their tender years, SIRUS are young, hungry and set surely to produce so much more in a saga of which “Broken Hearts Corporate Minds” will one day be seen as simply the beginning. Current single “L.O.I.C.” is not just a sizeable tune in itself but serves also as an excellent example of what to expect from the forthcoming new full-length album now going into manufacture for release later this summer.

DWA is proud to be custodian of the dystopian musical visions of SIRUS – “harmony in discord”…




01. L.O.I.C. 02. L.O.I.C. (GRENDEL Remix) 03. L.O.I.C. (VPROJEKT Version) 04. Eighty-Eight


SIRUS ‎– Broken Hearts Corporate Minds – DWA297/DWD298 – BUY CDBUY DIGITAL
01. Negative Balance 02. The Monster I Am 03. No Mercy 04. War Drone 05. Wolves Of Wall Street 06. Daisy Cutter 07. Disposable Deities 08. Scumsucker 09. Smash The State 10. Hellion 11. Our Cities Are Burning 12. The Monster I Am (FGFC820 Remix)* 13. No Mercy (Nitro/Noise Remix)* 14. Hellion (C-Lekktor Remix)* *CD only