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Signed on the strength of a truly stellar remix for fellow DWA act RAVE THE REQVIEM’s hot-selling debut album, Seraphim System’s own first album for DWA “Deadly Force” released at the tail-end of 2014 boasts a sound likely to appeal to those into hard-hitting instrumental electronics like NOISUF-X, TERRORFAKT, X-Rx and anyone left lamenting the untimely apparent loss of SAM.

Seraphim System’s music is a fierce and energetic mix of genres such as industrial, aggrotech, power noise, drum’n’bass, dubstep, glitch hop, hardcore, and even elements of metal – while in terms of lyrics, songtitles and presentation focused on sci-fi elements like cyborgs, futuristic dystopia and the annihilation of the human race by robotic war machines. The greatest influences musically derive from leaders of the dark electronic music scene such as Combichrist, Grendel and Noisuf-X as well as hip hop artists such as Immortal Technique, NWA and Public Enemy.

Signed following a slew of impressive self-releases, “Deadly Force” and its subsequent singles brought Seraphim System international interest and an offer to open one day of the UK’s final Resistanz Festival in 2016. Upcoming second full-length “Automaton Assisted Annihilation” adds elements of hip-hop and consequently a greater use of vocals – as Seraphim System’s  BL4KJ4K puts his own spin on the swaggrotech sub-genre being pioneered by fellow DWA artist RUINIZER.

In a genre not generally known for its sense of humor, behind his body-armor and brutally effective industrial beatdown BL4KJ4K’s sampling, songtitles and self-proclaimed insistence on being “a cyborg from Sirius” should be sufficient indication that he is not taking himself too seriously (or should that be “Siriusly”).

This is aggressive “fundustrial” at its fearsome finest – hard-and-heavy bass music with a healthy side order of noise and black humor to go.

The invasion has begun. Planetary subsonic domination is nigh.
T h e S e r a p h i m S y s t e m I s N o w F u l l y E n g a g e d



DWD386 SERAPHIM SYSTEM Fuel5 For The Dead Album Cover 02 Seraphim System ‎– Fuel5 For The Dead – DWD386 – BUY DIGITAL
01. Fuel For The Dead 02. Transmissions From The Dead 03. Fuel For The Dead (vProjekt Version) 04. Fuel For The Dead (Rave The Reqviem Remix)


Seraphim System ‎– Riot5 In Progress – DWD363 – BUY DIGITAL
01. Riot In Progress 02. Riot In Progress (GRENDEL Remix) 03. Riot In Progress (PHOSGORE Remix) 04. Swaggrotech In Progress


Seraphim System ‎– Deadly Force – DWA337/DWA338 – BUY CDBUY DIGITAL
01. Deadly Force 02. Manufactured Terror 03. R4MP4G3 04. Fuel For The Dead 05. Crunk For Cyborgs 06. Radio Sex 07. Submission & Abuse 08. Riot In Progress 09. H34R71355 10. Anger Management 11. Bitchmade 12. Until The End Of It All 13. Dekontaminate 14. Spunk For Cyborgs (RUINIZER Remix)* 15. Fuel For The Dead (RAVE THE REQVIEM Remix)* 16. Submission & Abuse (C-LEKKTOR Remix)* 17. Riot In Progress (PHOSGORE Remix)* *CD only