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Breakout label debut for this prolific producer and remixer from North Carolina!

Not for the first time and probably not for the last, this latest DWA signing resulted from a remix – in this case, one from the hot-selling debut album by RAVE THE REQVIEM…where it cried out for inclusion alongside those commissioned from the (currently at least) rather better-known names of COMBICHRIST, ALIEN VAMPIRES and NOISUF-X. Further slices of remix action came on our “Orkus! 100” exclusive compilation this summer – where one of RUINIZER’s wrecking anthems “The Primary Objective” was reassembled – and onSURGYN’s latest, “Limousine”.

Now, following several self-releases, we are pleased to present the full-length label debut by SERAPHIM SYSTEM, “Deadly Force” – an album of industrial strength bass music unmatched in intensity, likely to appeal to darkravers into heavy instrumental electronics like NOISUF-XTERRORFAKTX-Rx and anyone left lamenting the untimely apparent loss of SAM.


In a genre not generally known for its sense of humor, behind his body-armor and the brutally effective industrial beatdown of “Deadly Force” BL4KJ4K’s sampling, songtitles and self-proclaimed insistence on being “a cyborg from Sirius” should be sufficient indication that he is not taking himself too seriously (or should that be “Siriusly”).

This is aggressive “fundustrial” at its fearsome finest. A fusion of hard-and-heavy EDM/EBM, with a healthy side order of noise and black humor to go.

Weighing in at an already fat 55 minutes, the CD-version of this album comes weaponized with an additional arsenal of exclusive remixes from already-established names likePHOSGORE and C-LEKKTOR plus payback from fellow rising stars RUINIZER and RAVE THE REQVIEM – taking the total runtime to over 70 minutes of sonic savagery.

The first 250 copies of the CD come in limited edition 4-panel digipak format. The album releases on January 13th with CD pre-orders shipping around December 19th.



People pre-ordering either the CD or digital versions directly from DWA will be able to immediately download 4 tracks – PLUS an EXCLUSIVE additional remix from Alfa-Matrix artist AVARICE IN AUDIO, as a special pre-order bonus only!

“Deadly Force” is designed to destroy dancefloors and put the one-man (or perhaps “one cyborg”) army of SERAPHIM SYSTEM firmly on the map as most definitely a force to be reckoned with. You can’t beat the System.






01.  Deadly Force (intro)

02.  Manufactured Terror

03.  R4MP4GE

04.  Fuel For The Dead

05.  Crunk For Cyborgs

06.  Radio Sex

07.  Submission & Abuse

08.  Riot In Progress

09.  H34R71355

10.  Anger Management

11.  Bitchmade

12.  Until The End Of It All

13.  Dekontaminate

14.  Spunk For Cyborgs (RUINIZER Remix)*

15.  Fuel For The Dead (RAVE THE REQVIEM Remix)*

16.  Submission & Abuse (C-LEKKTOR Remix)*

17.  Riot In Progress (PHOSGORE Remix)*

*CD-only bonus tracks