Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday Sale: 20% Off Everything

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Holding off on placing orders on our online store in the hope of scoring some Thanksgiving discounts? WAIT NO MORE….

Last year DWA really went to town on a very successful Thanksgiving sale – complete with video trailers for both “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.

This year we’ve gone the other way entirely – DEAD SIMPLE. It’s a 20% off EVERYTHING in store discount coupon. Yep: just enter the code “20thanks” at checkout, and automatically you will get 20% knocked off your entire bill. Vinyl. CD. Downloads The whole nine yards. If you can see it instore, you can get 20% off it. Yep: it really is that simple. Just DON’T forget to enter the code: because that would just lead to a whole world of pain instead…

…and go shopping….
That’s all you need to know.
Happy Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Tofurkey Day(s)

I Have A Couple Of Questions…
OK – shoot

(1) Can I get 20% off everything?

Yes – that’s why it says “20% off everything”

(2) What about stuff that isn’t listed on the website?

No – if it isn’t listed, it means we either don’t have it or its not in the sale for whatever other complicated reason that would be too boring to explain in detail here