BlakOPz – As Nations Decay (2CD Limited Edition)

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Collector’s edition reissue of the current album from the American hardstyle industrial act!

Since dropping their debut “Blood, Sweat And Fear” for DWA in 2012, BLAKOPZ served as tour support for AESTHETIC PERFECTION‘s “All.Cities.Destroyed” 26-date North American tour over that summer, opened for SUICIDE COMMANDOFGFC820 and TACTICAL SEKT in the US, and made their first European live appearance in 2013 at Resistanz Festival in the UK.

Mastered by Jan L of NOISUF-X/X-FUSION, their slick and powerful second album “As Nations Decay” took BLAKOPZ‘ already pristine production to a new level, while moving their music in new and intriguing directions – such as on “#culturedelete” or the almost ballad-like “Before The Rust” and title track.

Fans of the sound established on the 2012 debut “Blood Sweat And Fear” could hardly be disappointed either, with the inclusion of classic BLAKOPZ cuts like “Behind The Curtain” and “The Beginning”, the jackhammer instrumental “Turn Key Tyranny” or jokingly titled “Business As Usual”…

With stocks of the original digipak edition (designed by Nathan Winter of Industriarts) rapidly dwindling, the time has come for a special 2CD Limited Edition – packed with an outstanding array of top-drawer remixes (including 9 previously unreleased) from the likes of labelmates CYFERDYNE, CYGNOSIC, TERROLOKAUST, SIRUS, SERAPHIM SYSTEM, DYM and RUINIZER alongside scene stalwarts like ALIEN VAMPIRES, NOISUF-X and ESA, or emerging talent like CHAINREACTOR and WYCHDOKTOR.

Presented in 2CD jewelcase with 12-panel fold-out lyric booklet and a carton sleeve overcase (featuring alternate cover art by Vlad McNeally), the 2CD Limited Edition of “As Nations Decay” comprises of the original 15-track CD release as CD1 (including remixes by AESTHETIC PERFECTIONALTER DER RUINE and CRYOGENIC ECHELON as bonus tracks), and the 12-track CD2 “Nations Reborn” – strictly limited to 100 copies only, all individually hand numbered on the inside of the traycard.

As with other recent 2CD reissues on DWA (some already out-of-stock), we expect this one to sell as hard and fast as the music is itself. The 2CD Limited Edition is sale NOW and available to order HERE:

“Just” want it digitally? We’ve got you covered too. A standalone digital version of “Nations Reborn” is also available from today, adding in those 3 bonus tracks from the original digipak version to round things up to 15 tracks. The digital version of “Nations Reborn” is available HERE:


DWA376 As Nations Decay (2CD Limited Edition)

01. As Nations Decay
02. The Beginning
03. Long Live The New Flesh
04. Business As Usual
05. Behind The Curtain
06. The Struggle (vs SLEETGROUT)
07. #culturedelete
08. Before The Rust
09. Thick As Thieves
10. Debris Machine (vs NITRO/NOISE)
11. Turn Key Tyranny
12. Detonation
13. Before the Rust (CRYOGENIC ECHELON Remix)
14. As Nations Decay (AESTHETIC PERFECTION Remix)
15. Thick As Thieves (ALTER DER RUINE Remix)

CD2: (Nations Reborn)
01. The Beginning (SIRUS Remix)
02. #culturedelete (CYFERDYNE Remix)
03. Business As Usual (CYGNOSIC Remix)
04. Behind The Curtain (NOISUF-X Remix)
05. Long Live The New Flesh (Cannibalised by ALIEN VAMPIRES)
06. Turn Key Tyranny (CHAINREACTOR Remix)
07. As Nations Decay (TERROLOKAUST Remix)
08. Behind The Curtain (SERAPHIM SYSTEM Remix)
09. Business As Usual (WYCHDOKTOR Remix)
10. Long Live The New Flesh (DYM Remix)
11. Thick As Thieves (RUINIZER Remix)
12. Detonation (ESA Remix)

DWD377 – Nations Reborn (digital)

01. The Beginning (SIRUS Remix)
02. As Nations Decay (AESTHETIC PERFECTION Remix)
03. #culturedelete (CYFERDYNE Remix)
04. Business As Usual (CYGNOSIC Remix)
05. Behind The Curtain (NOISUF-X Remix)
06. Before the Rust (CRYOGENIC ECHELON Remix)
07. Long Live The New Flesh (ALIEN VAMPIRES Remix)
08. Turn Key Tyranny (CHAINREACTOR Remix)
09. As Nations Decay (TERROLOKAUST Remix)
10. Thick As Thieves (ALTER DER RUINE Remix)
11. Behind The Curtain (SERAPHIM SYSTEM Remix)
12. Business As Usual (WYCHDOKTOR Remix)
13. Long Live The New Flesh (DYM Remix)
14. Thick As Thieves (RUINIZER Remix)
15. Detonation (ESA Remix)