Cyferdyne – Keep Your Silence (2CD Limited Edition) + digital remix album

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Those cheeky chappies at CYFERDYNE are back – this time with a massive 2CD Limited Edition of current album “Keep Your Silence” positively dripping with sonic delights…

The smooth, assured sounds of this British trio’s second album “Keep Your Silence” saw the original release rise as high as #6 in the Deutsche Alternative Charts last year – as the band moved into leaner, cleaner and more polished production territory. “Keep Your Silence” demonstrates a quintessentially British sound reminiscent in parts of MESH or DEPECHE MODE on tracks like “Numb” and “Weak”, not merely in terms of vocals but also the plaintive synthpop melodies.

Capped by a captivating performance at Resistanz Festival and followed by a huge promotional campaign of release parties across both sides of the Atlantic, “Keep Your Silence” subsequently spawned the singles “Jigsaw” and “Numb” – the remixes from which are now compiled alongside another 9 all-new and previously unreleased remixes from PANIC LIFT, TERROLOKAUST, GINGER SNAP5, CYGNOSIC, SERAPHIM SYSTEM, C-LEKKTOR, DIE SEKTOR, RETROGRAMME and PETROL BASTARD to create the 2CD Limited Edition.

Packaged as per DWA’s other recent 2CD reissues in jewelcase with a 12-panel foldout poster/lyric insert, carton overcase and traycard hand-numbered on the inside, painstakingly visually-remixed from Vlad McNeally’s original designs “Keep Your Silence (2CD Limited Edition)” is the definitive collector’s edition version of this album – strictly limited to 100 copies worldwide.
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Already have the album, just want the new stuff? We hear you – check out the standalone digital release of CD2 “Break Your Silence”, which takes the 12 remixes from the CD and adds the 3 from the original digipak release to make a 15-track monster which boasts 10 tracks never previously available to download:


DWA384 Keep Your Silence (2CD Limited Edition)

01. Cables And Codes
02. Jigsaw
03. Disease
04. Glass
05. Weak
06. Clockwork
07. Prayer
08. Escape
09. Numb
10. Fracture
11. Visions
12 Cables And Codes (PHOSGORE Remix)
13 Jigsaw (ASSEMBLAGE 23 Remix)

CD2 – Break Your Silence:

01. Clockwork (DIE SEKTOR Remix) 04:41
02. Jigsaw (AAIMON Remix) 06:12
03. Fracture (PANIC LIFT Remix) 04:10
04. Visions (TERROLOKAUST Remix) 03:23
05. Escape (RETROGRAMME Remix) 05:37
06. Weak (CYGNOSIC Remix) 04:12
07. Glass (GINGER SNAP5 Remix) 05:08
08. Numb (NOISUF-X Remix) 04:23
09. Disease (C-LEKKTOR Remix) 05:10
10. Visions (SERAPHIM SYSTEM Remix) 05:16
11. Jigsaw (PigWhore Remix by RUINIZER) 03:59
12. Disease (PETROL BASTARD Remix) 03:20

DWD385 Break Your Silence (digital)

01. Clockwork (DIE SEKTOR Remix) 04:41
02. Jigsaw (AAIMON Remix) 06:12
03. Fracture (PANIC LIFT Remix) 04:10
04. Visions (TERROLOKAUST Remix) 03:23
05. Escape (RETROGRAMME Remix) 05:37
06. Numb (AESTHETIC PERFECTION Remix) 04:39
07. Weak (CYGNOSIC Remix) 04:12
08. Glass (GINGER SNAP5 Remix) 05:08
09. Numb (NOISUF-X Remix) 04:23
10. Jigsaw (ASSEMBLAGE 23 Remix) 05:15
11. Cables And Codes (PHOSGORE Remix) 03:31
12. Disease (C-LEKKTOR Remix) 05:10
13. Visions (SERAPHIM SYSTEM Remix) 05:16
14. Jigsaw (PigWhore Remix by RUINIZER) 03:59
15. Disease (PETROL BASTARD Remix) 03:20